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It all starts with agriculture

To cope with the task of bringing the CO2 down to pre-Spinning Jenny’s levels, we must take responsibility by converting all organic waste into nutrition and inserting it into circular economics. We need to ensure that farmers communicate their management efforts in a transparent manner to the consumers. Reagrio’s platform uses blockchain technology enabling farmers to provide product traceability from “farm to fork”. This will not only meet the climate goals but also enable securing food supply for the earth’s population. This must be accomplished while generating sustainable income and financial returns.

Soil health
30% of the world’s agricultural land is dead and yet another large portion is close to dying if we don’t reverse it now. Erosion of agricultural land has reached 10 feet/3 meters in some severe cases and the soil has turned to dirt, or is turning to dirt quickly, due to plowing and chemical farming.

Transitioning from harmful chemical farming practices to regenerative farming practices fast and efficiently is best achieved using biochar, microbes, and mycorrhiza. This is to regenerate the soil and provide the foundation for improved return on investment, better nutrient density, and carbon sequestration and storage.

Healthier food

The biological solution increases yields both in quantity as well as quality. The texture of the soil will change, it will become more like a sponge, holding water better than before, leading to decreased usage of water, and a better ability to handle excessive drought, rain, heat, and cold.

Eye-level Photo Of Cultivated Land