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FAQ for RFP for Pyrolysis Power Generation and Biochar facility

Clarification pertaining to Item 3.8 – Use of Subcontractors – Maintenance Contract and SPV

Maintenance Contracts are a part of the Services scope. Bidder shall establish the required maintenance contracts (including initial spare parts) with the equipment providers and during Handover, transfer them to Reagrio’s SPV.

SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle is a legal entity with the sole purpose of being a Project Finance (Build Own Operate) company. The SPV will be the contractual party in a customary Turnkey EPC contract vs the Bidder. The SPV’s primary sponsor is Reagrio Inc.

It is expected that the Bidder will secure back-to-back agreements with the respective subcontractor regarding responsibilities and liabilities.

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Clarification to definition of   Other organizations – “RFP Instructions, Item 3.2.1”

In this context, Reagrio’s meaning of ”Other organizations” are subcontractors. The Bidder may choose to perform all of the work and manufacturing itself or subcontract all or parts of the work and manufacturing to other companies. However, the Bidder will retain the role as Prime Contractor and be accountable for the outsourced parts of the scope.

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Clarification pertaining to “Background and Scope, Section 3    Commercial Offer

Reagrio would like the Bidder to provide the price (USD) for the Hardware, Software and Services for design, refurbishment/construction, installation & commissioning, operations & maintenance (the Turnkey EPC contract).
The Price shall be +/-20%.

The price for the solution shall be provided in a Price Matrix and split into price elements according to the different process stages in Process Map.

The price for the Services shall be split into the different service elements (e.g. Design, Inst & Comm, Operations etc). A preliminary disbursement schedule to be included.

See Price matrix example below:

NOTE: Phases described in Exhibit 4 – Chapter 5.

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Clarification regarding operations in “ Background and Scope, Section 2    Operations”

Reagrio is developing the project as Build, Own, Operate (BOO). Reagrio will Own and Operate the facility and the RFP issued is aimed to contract the Build part until Final Completion.

For the Build part, the Bidder shall design, refurbish/construct, install & commission the solution. This is Milestone Substantial Completion. After Substantial Completion, the Bidder shall correct any non-conformities of the facility, secure stable processes and that the output requirements are proven and met. This is Milestone Final Completion (=Commercial Operations Date). 

When Final Completion is reached, the facility incl operation & maintenance responsibility will be transferred to Reagrio’s SPV during Handover. Reagrio’s SPV may assume Operations & Maintenance (O&M) responsibility or outsource it. This O&M outsourcing will be a separate agreement.

Reagrio’s SPV will hire the required staff and make them available to the Bidder for training and competence development.

Maintenance agreements with selected equipment providers shall be signed and are within the scope of this RFP. These maintenance agreements will be transferred to Reagrio’s SPV during the Handover.

The SPV may take on the responsibility of O&M or outsource this service element to an external O&M company.

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Can I edit my response to the form?

Yes, your response is linked to your account and is open for adding, changing and updating files, as well as editing your written responses.

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