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How can we break the increasingly sedentary lifestyle and contribute to a more mobile life as advocated by research and at the same time increase the desire for learning? One way is to let outdoor activities take a bigger place in the schedule. In Ur och Skur, an appreciated full-time activity that spreads the joy of movement and knowledge among thousands of children and students around the country.

At a kindergarten, preschool, or school within “I Ur och Skur”, the pedagogues make didactic choices and plan long periods of time out. Here, teaching, outdoor life, and being in nature are the rule rather than the exception, as the outdoor space is used as a learning environment and is just as obvious an element as the premises inside. 

Conscious leadership

Through I Ur och Skur, you get training in pedagogy, a concept connected to the curriculum and school team. The pedagogy’s starting point is based on experience-based learning and a co-discovery and co-action approach. As an educator, you get the opportunity to develop yourself through consciously reflective leadership. Of course, you also get to take part in well-proven tools for working with outdoor pedagogy. 

Sustainable Development

The teaching is permeated by a sustainable approach and an environmental plan, which is also expressed in practical action. For example, the children must be prepared for action by sorting, reusing and composting. Cultivating to create an understanding of the cycle is a typical element within I Ur och Skur. 

What do the children bring with them?

The children who have the privilege of attending I Ur och Skur are given the conditions to develop knowledge and skills in outdoor activities that they benefit from throughout their lives. They also get a close relationship with nature and develop knowledge and security to stay there. By learning with the whole body and all the senses, knowledge is deepened in, among other things, language, mathematics and knowledge of nature and the environment.

Five strong reasons to teach outdoors

  1. Enshrined in the curricula and supported by research
  2. Nature is a rewarding learning environment for both children and educators because it is interactive, gender neutral, exploratory and stimulates curiosity
  3. The children learn in a joyful way with their whole body and all their senses, unlike sedentary classroom teaching indoors
  4. Provides better working memory, concentration, cooperation and a healthier lifestyle
  5. Evens out differences between low-achieving and high-achieving children
We are now prepare for opening in 2024

South Carolinas first 24h kindergarten,

We are looking to open in Berkeley or Sumter County as a start.

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