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Our offer

Reagrio develops and finances Build, Own & Operate (BOO) Independent Power and Biochar  Producer (IPBP) in a Factory in a Box mode to provide the opportunity to immediately improve network stability in light of increased demand. This not only provides network stability but also allows for the existing power producers to deliver more power without additional investment as Reagrio’s injection of power in the load centers increases the overall network capacity.

The addition of Reagrio’s IPBP is a dispatchable unit which can also store substantial electricity for disaster recovery in hospitals through mobile battery packs in 20 foot containers.

Reagrio’s IPBPs are flexible in operation and through their Factory in a Box design require limited site preparation.

Reagrio’s IPBPs’ feedstock is biomass pellet manufacturers from an array of waste and residue materials providing a stable continuous supply from Qlinio Inc.

In addition, Reagrio takes responsibility for the exhaust gasses from the facility by partnering with Algistor Inc, who in turn uses the exhaust gasses to produce algae in its bioreactor, elimintail all GHG.