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Reagrio's mission and vision

With global climate change, a population increase, agricultural land decline, energy crises, and electrification, humanity is now facing its greatest challenge. New interdisciplinary approaches are required, including completely new business models that need to be integrated with ancient wisdom. In order for change to be sustainable long-term, businesses need to make more money when doing the right thing, which forces entrepreneurs to innovate.  



Transform all waste and residues, including harmful materials, into carbon-negative distributed, grid-stabilizing electrical energy, inoculated biochar for farmers to regenerate their soil, and increase the nutrient density, and revenues, all while capturing and storing CO2 in the soil.

Provide circular climate-positive energy and support the transition to regenerative, non-chemical, farming practices, resulting in higher nutrient-dense crops, healthy livestock, and increased biodiversity.

The Global Challenges Are Too Complex For Anyone To Handle On Their Own.

Reagrio has elected to partner with a diverse mix of experts largely able to handle and solve the challenges that this industrial project will bring. Using everyone’s expertise, we can scale and roll out the new management model for agriculture. Our model works with nature (rather than against it), takes positive advantage of, and respects the earth’s limited resources, all while optimizing production in terms of quantity and quality – as should any business.