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Reagrio has developed a digital ‘collaborative economy’ platform specifically for the agricultural business. The platform provides unprecedented possibilities for stakeholders in the agriculture business segment to interact, share best practices, share services, and optimize procurement of capital goods, services, and operational resources in general and specific. 

Collaborative economies are reshaping business, and we are elevating the concept further for agriculture, structuring and expanding it from the nearby to the larger geographic area. Reagrio’s platform is cost-efficient and reduces transaction costs and improves potential revenues as the community will enhance specialization and attract more qualified professionals who can spread their knowledge and time over more productive acreage.

The platform is flexible allowing multiple geographic and collaborative communities, further enhancing sharing of knowhow, demand, and supply. Collaborative economies have shown to substantially increase business value (AirBnB, Salesforce, and more)

The platform is also designed to allow collaboration with other digital services, existing and future. We can secure compliance with the CSAF practices and thus ensure that the farmers are eligible for crop and other insurance through the platform. Experts can record and document inspections in the blockchain and follow up on commitments by the farmers.

If you represent a group of farmers or want to join a community of farmers to help each other, please fill out the form, and a Reagrio team member will reach out to assist you.