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The Southern Oak Tree

Since the earliest ties between humans and oaks, a very strong symbolic image of oaks has developed, in which these trees have become associated with longevity, strength, stability, endurance, fertility, power, justice, and honesty – We took this as an inspiration when we asked a young architect to make a number of mockups of how the power plant could look like.

Decentralized energy production

Soil restoration

We are facing considerable challenges in reliable distribution of power, for electrification and disaster recovery. Countries worldwide are legislating for the transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles, requiring available power and the capacity to deliver the power to the load centers, aka the home and public charging units.

It all starts with agriculture.  To cope with the task we must take responsibility by converting all organic waste into nutrition and inserting it into circular economics. We need to ensure that farmers communicate their management efforts in a transparent manner to the consumers. Reagrio’s platform uses blockchain technology enabling farmers to provide product traceability from “farm to fork”.