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At Reagrio we believe in life balance. Working should be an integral part of life and something that is both fulfilling and brings home financial resources. In that context, we provide a work environment where each individual has the opportunity to ensure their responsibility, training, growth, goals, and accountability.

Reagrio supports the above also by offering the following services and benefits:

  • Access to 24h Child care – Ur & SkurĀ 
    The children who have the privilege of attending I Ur och Skur are given the conditions to develop knowledge and skills in outdoor activities that they benefit from throughout their lives. They also get a close relationship with nature and develop knowledge and security to stay there. By learning with the whole body and all the senses, knowledge is deepened in, among other things, language, mathematics and knowledge of nature and the environment.
  • 6 months paid parental leave
  • Health insurance
  • 5 weeks paid vacation
  • 401 (k) plan